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According to Armenian sport veterans' words in 1926 Russian linesmen athletes exposed the game named “Volleyball” in the one of the military unit of Leninakan after a friend game Basketball. Leninakan athletes liked that game very much and with the help of military athletes, Leninakan people started to learn its rules. And after three months they were ready to compete with the military athletes.

The team of Leninakan consisted of 4 men and 2 women and the leader of the team was the well-known basketball athlete Aram Alanakyan. Then with the help of Aram Alanakyan, Mikayel and Arpenik Hayrababamyans’, Mushegh Mamikonyan, Shoghik Arnautyan, Arpik Haroyan and others, the high-class volleyball teams were created in the “Locomotive” Sport Company. In 1927 and 1928 volleyball was spread in Yerevan. And  Khachik Mandalyan the sport master played the major role. In 1930s he made Male and Female powerful teams in Yerevan State Polytechnic Institute.

In 1933 Yerevan Male Team named “Temp” made ​​its debut in USSR Cup Championship. In the post-war period Volleyball was a widespread game not only in cities and also in villages and districts of Armenia.

In 1945 Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture was established. It gave a chance not only to made Male and Female teams but also to prepare highly qualified professional coaches. Mushegh Mamikonyan the head of the sports department contributed to the growth of volleyball.

National Volleyball Federation, established in 1946, did a great contribution to the Armenian Volleyball development. Its first president was well-known athletes and coach Eduard Shahinyan.

In 1946 Armenian club teams again started to participate in the USSR Championships.

From 1948 to 1949 14.880 people were playing volleyball in the republics. Every year National Championships, National Cup Tournaments were held with the first and second groups.

From 1946 to 1949 lot of job was done in order to develop this game in our country.


The Chronicle of this period in Armenia:

In 1947 Yerevan Male team “Spartak” took the fourth place in the second group of the USSR 10th Championship.

Armenian Male Team took the 11th place among eighteen teams in the 1947 USSR Championship.

In 1949 USSR Sport Committee awarded Sergey Arakchyan the title “Honoured Master of Sport of the USSR”.

 In 1950 Aram Davtyan was one of the Armenian athletes who was included in the USSR Male Team.

In 1951 the team “Dinamo” from Leninakan took the 6th place in the USSR Championship.

In 1952 Norayr Shahbazyan, Georgy Solomatin, Lavrentin Lavrinets were included in the Transcaucasus team.

In 1954 Sergey Arakchyan was awarded the title “International Referee”.

In 1956 Armenian volleyball teams were participating in the first USSR Championship. The Male team took the 11th place and the female team was 14th.

In 1959 Armenian volleyball teams were participating in the second USSR Championship. The Male team took the 14th place and the female team was 12th.

In 1961 Sergey Arakchyan was awarded the title “Honoured Worker of the ASSR Physical Culture and Sport”

In 1976 the Volleyball made a great success in Armenia. Nina Muradyan won the silver medal in the Monreal 21st Olympic Games.

In 1978 Rayik Ghukasyan and Klimentin Nalbandyan won the title of “International Referee”

Nina Muradyan won the bronze medal in the USSR Team in the World Championship

In 1979 Armenian Teams participated in the 7th USSR Championship.

In 1982 in the city Munich Serob Plavchyan won “the European Champion” title in the team of the USSR Youth team and was awarded the title “the USSR Master of Sport”.

In 1983 Armenian Teams participated in the 8th USSR Championship. The Male Team took the 17th place and the female 14th.

In 1987 the Southern Zone Team headed by R. Zakaryan won the bronze medal in the games of the USSR Sport School.

The Female Team headed by Kh. Asmaryan became the champion of the USSR Prof. Trainee education system.

In 1990 Armenina Female Team (coach Kh. Asmaryan) became the winner of International Tournament in the city Zelenograd.

In 1991 Armenian Male team took the 5th place in the USSR 10th Championship.